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Higher ed analytics that looks into when and why your constituents give

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Instant & Free

Abante instantly transforms your data into visualizations and downloadable results. Abante never stores your data and it's always free.


RFM Score

Upload your constituent dataset to Abante and instantly view and download RFM score to better target your solicitations.


Repeat Donors?

No need to wonder if they will give again Abanta leverages proven data models to predict whether they will.

Abante Analytics Beta: RFM Score

RFM score analyzes your constituent dataset and ranks constituents by their likelihood to donate again. The RFM score algorithm is based on frequency and amount of previous giving. Upload your constituent data and Abante Analytics will instantly return an RFM score data visualization and the option to download the RFM scores.

See a demo here. Give it a few seconds to load.

Abante's platform establishes a realtime connection with cloud servers through our proprietary Soteric business logic engine. Your data is analyzed instantly and is never stored anywhere. Abante is compliant with FERPA, HIPAA, and many other data security standards.

Learn how to use the RFM score.

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Abante Analytics Beta: Donors for Life Score

Using statistical packages from Wharton school, we look for the likelihood of repeat donations.

See a demo here. Give it a minute to load.


Learn how to use the Donors for Life model.

Try Abante Antalytcs Beta: Donors for Life