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Abanta Analytics is a beta web application providing instant data analytics for non-profit and education customers. Abanta is focused on advancement data including fundraising and engagement. Abante Analytics beta is launching with RFM Score, but will be adding analytics options in the future. We welcome your feedback!
Abante Analytics is and always will be free. We believe that advancement data analytics should be available to everyone, not just to those that can afford expensive software.
Most analytics software requires uploading and storing data. Abante Analytics is different! Abante analyzes data as soon as it's uploaded, and never stores the data during the processing. You will be required to upload your dataset each time, but this ensures that your data is always secure and private.
RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value. RFM is an analytics score that analyzes customer transactions to derive customer value. A customers transaction history is weighted by each RFM dimension and an overall score is calculated. The score is often used to predict the likelhood of a future transactions and this likelihood is used to target solicitation and marketing efforts based on RFM data segments. To calculate and download RFM score for your constituent dataset, simply upload a dataset that complies with the RFM File Definition.